Monday, 3 October 2011

Homemade Airgun Pellet Maker


I Now Make an 

all in 1 Pellet Making Kit 

that doesn't need  a vice

Take a look here:-


 unfortunately due to numerous issues with my web site host “”, I have decided to leave them.

I am now in the process of starting up a new Website –

I hope to have this site up and running in 1-2wks.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may of caused
Thanks Rob


Here are a few Pics from 

 My older Style Pellet Maker The Mk2

  For Latest Design- 

Steel Tipped Pellets 
(ball bearing) Cast with Mk2
Plain Lead Pellets With Mk2

 Close up of Steel Tiped Pellets

My Airgun Pellet Maker Mk1

This Is  My Airgun Pellet Maker,  I Made At Home On  A Small Chinese Lathe, It Is Made From Stainless Steel .
This is For ,177 And .22 Size Pellets But You Can Make Any Size By Changing 2 Parts.

see my latest video

All The Parts
Pellet Moulds .177 - .22 (Parts That Can Be Changed To Make Other Size Pellets)


  1. That is awesome work but how to make the mold ? where to get the items or how to make them?
    thank you in advance and please keep posting such awesome work

    1. Thanks For The Positive Feedback. I Came Up With The Idea About A year Ago And Had Just Bought A Small Chinese Lathe. It Is Essential To Have Access To A Lathe To Make This Devise. If You Look At My Other Video On Youtube Pellet Maker Part 2 It Shows More Detail Of The Mould. I Would Have Liked To Make And Sell These But I Just Dont Have The Time.

  2. is there any way you could make me one just name the price would love to know

    1. hi
      I have just started making a new and better version of the pellet maker here is the link

    2. Hello, how are you? I'm trying to get into this link but it says it was removed

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  4. And how about the nibs - rumored to be powerful and dangerous available almost everywhere

  5. Please leave further detail on how i could get it

  6. Hey mate would u send me a 177 nomad pellet kit to nz if u will how much

  7. Can u make one for me, i will pay.